U-Solar partnering with leading businesses is increasing and in that journey, we have one of the huge tycoons from the cement industry adopting solar solutions. Shree Cement, founded in 1979 it is India’s leading cement company that has a consolidated Cement Production Capacity of 47.4 Million tonnes per annum (including overseas). They believed that operations in infrastructure-oriented businesses must remain clean and green by adopting solar solutions.

This project is being developed by U-Solar in Raipur, Chattisgarh with a capacity of 17MW as a ground-mounted solar plant. The plant is expected to generate 23,800,000 units of electricity with the system designed to last over 25 years. It comes with modules of 540Wp that have high reliability and increased shade tolerance to the plant. Using high anti-corrosive and durable inverters of 200kw will ensure optimum performance in meeting generation demands. This system is designed to ensure a higher yield in solar power generation.  

Manufacturing and process operations are getting greener and cleaner for all industries lately. Their sustainable and economic goal for solar energy is the driving factor for this transition. This 17 MWp ground-mount off-site plant is expected to offset 886.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year while also sequestering 150 trees per year. These figures suggest that switching to solar solutions not only serves the demand of your generation but also ensures environmental savings.

Imagine the sustainability outcomes at the end of the 10th year on a project this size! Kudos to Shree Cement for leading the way for all other industrialists in the sector! 

We at U-Solar look forward to such collaboration in upcoming years as we meet the energy efficiency target in India today!

Partner with us in this journey to set your energy management rightly.


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