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U-Solar, a Clean Energy Enterprise.

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U-Solar Clean Energy Solutions is a solar developer in India that provides complete solar power solutions for Industrial, Commercial, institutional, and Residential clients.

Solar power is clean, cheap and reliable which makes it attractive for not only economic reasons but also for its environmental benefits by reducing your dependence on grid power (sourced from coal and natural gas) or generators (sourced from diesel). U-Solar provides end to end solutions from design and engineering, project management as well as post sales services for solar projects. With 10 years of experience, we have installed solar power plants through pay and own (Capex) and pay as you go (Opex) models for our clients across India. Our teams are excited about the mission of the company and execute projects in all solar based technologies. By growing with the solar industry steadily the company had the advantage of picking up challenging projects along the way. Our pride lies in working with companies or individuals that are eager to take the future in their hands and work towards creating a sustainable world.

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Driven by a desire to start a socially relevant enterprise, U-Solar was founded in 2010 with the idea of reducing fossil fuel consumption and promoting the use of renewable energy.

U-Solar is one of the fastest growing solar engineering, procurement and construction companies in India and we are now solar developers owning assets across the country. Currently helping large industrial, commercial, institutional and also residential clients reduce operational costs and go green. Supporting their sustainability journey is our core philosophies in ensuring a clean energy transition.Our differentiating strengths include a strong understanding of business, technical, policy and economic aspects of solar power generation, to help customers choose and get the best solution for their requirements. Additionally, we have strong turnkey project management and execution capabilities, to set up solar power plants of any size across India. The focus on design – quality engineering has helped us grow in the distributed renewable energy industry, our pioneering spirit to innovate new technology integration techniques has pushed the mark on clean energy services.

Solar Projects Executed

Have worked on over 250+ projects across all market segments to execute state of the art solar power plants.

Projects Executed

tonne of CO2 offset

Environmental Savings

We have contributed to sequestering 13,63,900 trees per year through our solar installations for all our clients.

150+ Clients Partnered To Achieve Sustainability Goals

A customized approach empowers us to stay ahead in the Sustainability drive and work with different energy consumers.

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