Following models are available under SECI

•       CAPEX Model
System integrator enters into an Agreement with the rooftop owner at
the quoted project cost for the Scope of work as per mutually agreed terms and

•       RESCO model: Developers
intend to take a rooftop owned by some other entity on mutually agreed terms
and conditions including lease agreement from the roof top owner(s) and enters
into the PPA with rooftop owner / DISCOM / others for supply of Solar power for
25 years at a tariff from the date of Commissioning of project.

Eligibility for CFA (Subsidy)?

Scope of work by the Installer/developer

Complete design, engineering, manufacture,
supply, storage, civil work, erection, testing and commissioning of the grid
connected rooftop solar PV project.

(Operations and Maintenance) of the project for a period of 5 years for Capex
projects and O&M of the project for a period of 25 years for
Non-Capex/RESCO Model after commissioning of the projects as per SECI’s

 Warranties & Guarantees

The goods supplied under this contract are new,
unused, of the most recent or latest technology and incorporate all recent
improvements in design and materials.

Warranty covering the rectification of any
and all defects in the design of equipment, materials and workmanship including
spare parts for a period of 5 years from the date of commissioning

The solar company shall transfer all
the Guarantees/ Warranties of the different components to the Owner of the

The responsibility of operation of Warrantee and
Guarantee clauses and Claims/ Settlement of issues arising out of said clauses
shall be joint responsibility of the solar installer/ developer and the owner
of the project.

 Plant Performance Evaluation

SECI has laid down certain solar generation parameters that the systems
set up by the solar companies have to comply with. To ensure compliance,
SECI has taken Performance Bank Guarantees (PBG) from these solar
companies and has linked subsidy disbursement with actual generation from the
project. The parameters would ensure that the customer gets the most returns
and benefits when they install a rooftop solar power plant.

The following parameters must be complied with:

The solar company shall be required to meet
minimum guaranteed generation with Performance Ratio (PR) at the time of
commissioning and related Capacity Utilization Factor (CUF) as per
the GHI levels of the location during the O&M period.

PR should be shown minimum of 75% at the
time of inspection
for initial commissioning acceptance to qualify for
release of 30% subsidy.

Minimum CUF of 15% to be maintained for a period of 5
years is one of the conditions for release of PBG. The solar company should
send the periodic plant output details to SECI for ensuring the CUF. The PR
will be measured at Inverter output level during peak radiation conditions


  1. Subsidy available
        for limited period only
  2. Subsidy by the
        installer to the client will be given based on first come first serve
  3. System of minimum
        100 kW is required for the RESCO/Non-Capex Model
  4. RESCO Model is
        subject to investor approval, and submission of financial documentation
        and trust certificate
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