The Raheja Mindspace IT Park is
the largest of its kind in Hyderabad, spread over 110 acres, and is the home of
many major IT companies. This state of the art campus has 14 buildings that are
currently occupied by companies such as Facebook, IBM, Accenture, Bank of
America and other IT giants. The SEZ wants to stay true to its green ideals and
has commissioned a 112 kW grid connected system for captive consumption at one
of its buildings.

The system has been designed and
implemented by U-Solar Clean Energy Solutions using the Build Own Operate and
Transfer (BOOT) model
. To avoid the steep initial cost of installing the
rooftop solar power plant, the SEZ has signed a long term power purchase
agreement (PPA) of 15 years with a third party Energy Company. This model
reduces the capital expenditure for the client and also offers the opportunity
for the client to acquire the requisite infrastructure needed for solar to be
added to their energy mix. As per the BOOT/PPA model:

There is no high upfront capital expenditure

·         Maintenance and operation of the system is
the responsibility of the EPC

The unit price of solar is below grid price

The ownership of the power plant is transferred to
the client after the duration of the PPA agreement

The 112 kW system consists of 448
modules supplied by Shan Solar of 250 Wp capacity and 9 units of 11 kVA SMA
inverters which have been installed at site. The system was commissioned in
December- 2014 and generates ~500-550 units/day. The SEZ pays a monthly bill to
the energy company for the metered solar power.

The BOOT/PPA Model is a highly
compelling win-win proposition, which is rapidly growing in popularity for
adoption of solar energy by large enterprises where the initial investment is otherwise very high. We have previously facilitated similar projects with other clients
and are proud to be involved with helping another SEZ in our country on its
path to going green.