U-Solar- Offers an opportunity to procure 80%
of your power requirement from a clean &
green source of power at a cost lower than the grid from our Investors existing
and upcoming solar farms in Karnataka. Open access allows large
users of power — typically having connected load of 1 megawatt (Mw)
and above
 — to buy cheaper power from the open market. Open access
allows the customer to procure large sums of its requirement not limited to the
available roof space.

The opportunity allows you to protect your facility from rising
power tariffs for the next 10 years as, power procured from solar power under
the State’s solar policy is exempted from “Wheeling, Banking & Cross
Subsidy Surcharges”
for a period of 10 years if the power is shipped to the
customer before March-2018*.

There is a zero-upfront investment and the power supplied
will be cheaper than the regular grid power under a long-term power purchase

 For more details please get in-touch with Piyush Kapoor- Business Manager- +91-9986943767

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