Rooftops of buildings can prove to be a valuable real estate asset when utilised for generating renewable energy for the facility. A Solar Photo Voltaic (Solar PV) system can be set up and sized to generate a portion of the facilities daytime energy needs, thus reducing the energy bills and dependence on DG sets. The size of the system depends on various factors such as rooftop space availability, the total connected load and the budget involved.

Other than reducing energy bills, a solar PV system can also help:

  1. Fulfil policy obligations,
  2. Help achieve additional points for green certification,
  3. Cater to the green mandate a company or institute may have while also
  4. Generating a green brand name for the enterprise.

For a medium sized enterprise such as a small office or an educational institute which may not have a power backup through a DG set, a rooftop solar PV system can be set up with a battery bank to provide power backup for the connected load when the grid power supply goes off .

Thus the energy generated by a solar photovoltaic plant can either be used directly and immediately or it can be stored in a battery bank for later use. The usage of the generated solar power thus decides the configuration of the Solar PV system.

U-Solar offers both battery based systems as well as grid tie solar power systems for utilizing usable solar energy. Battery based systems are typically used for small offices, educational institutes & residences and these are  in the range of 1 Kw to 30kw, while grid tied systems (without batteries) are usually used for large enterprises, factories, hotels, hospitals and other commercial establishments which are energy intensive during the day and have a backup system in place for power cuts. Grid tie systems are in the range of 5kw and above, going up to MW scale plants.

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