Rane NSK Steering Systems Ltd was founded in 1929; Headquartered in Chennai, India. Manufactures Steering and Suspension systems, Friction materials, Valve train components, Occupant safety systems, Light metal casting products, and provide connected mobility solutions.

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There is a lot of focus on vehicles today and they certainly pose an opportunity for a major change in how automotive products contribute to climate change. The automotive industry has seen increased adoption of solar power with both on-site and off-site solar solutions.

Rane NSK Steering Systems Ltd installed a 400kW solar plant at Haryana using 1196 PV modules by Adani. 6 no’s of 55Kw Solar Edge inverters complete the technical setup for the solar power plant. The company has opted Opex model and the solar power plant was commissioned on 30th August 2019. U-Solar undertook the EPC work for Rane NSK Steering Systems Ltd and installed a 400 kW Solar Plant on their premises.

Rane NSK Steering Systems Ltd adopted a non-CAPEX financial model called the Build Own Operate and Transfer (BOOT) model which will help them to utilise existing rooftop space while having to pay only for the power consumed.

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The solar power plant generation is approximately 5,84,000 units per annum offsetting the facility’s total energy consumption. The solar power plant installation has resulted in cost-saving and a reduction in energy bills.

Most corporates in India today are making a strong push towards sustainability given their commitment towards sourcing renewable energy. Implementation of sustainability through solar adoption can be done without any investment and without any change to the company’s operations by opting to go for the Opex model.


If your organization is looking to adopt solar, please feel free to get in touch with us. We believe in partnering with our clients on their sustainability journey.

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