Keshav Rao, the head of Pooja Power Systems shares his experience of transitioning to clean energy with U-Solar.

When our business broke even, we decided to make some investments towards being sustainable, and going solar was a no brainer for us as we work in the energy management sphere.

As of now we are able to power 80-90% of our daily loads using solar. Most months during summer we make money back from BESCOM.

Pooja Power Systems is a mainstream industrial automation company based out of Bengaluru, helping manufacturing industries better manage their energy for their processes. Pooja power serves a wide spectrum of industries and is one of the top energy automation partners for Schnider Electric.

Being in energy industry for a long 30 years, going solar was a main checklist item for Pooja Power. Once they broke even in the business, a decision was made to go sustainable and adopt clean energy for their business.

“Going solar was a no brainer for us. Being in the energy and automation industry, we help our clients how to manage their energy better. We already knew the massive benefits of going solar.” Shares Keshav Rao, Head of Pooja power

Pooja power approached U-Solar to ideate and commission a solar power plant, that suits their requirements and needs. U-Solar designed and installed a 6kW system catering to their commercial cum -residential needs.

“We went with a battery-based system for our residential cause and the rest is used to power up our whole office” says Keshav Rao. “Now we are able to power 80-90% of our loads with clean power. Most months during summer we make money back from BESCOM and they are pretty efficient and timely at it.”

“We had the best experience from U-Solar Team. We had the rough idea of what we needed, and the technical team was able to show us a better picture of what we could achieve. The whole process was timely and hassle less, the operations team made it so smooth that we hardly needed to provide any attention on the process” testified Keshav on the U-Solar’s efficiency.

U-Solar designed the system to make sure further addition and integrations were possible down the lane. “We are likely to approach U-Solar again for the expansion in the near future as our team and operations grow.” said Keshav.

U-Solar helps individuals and organizations with a smooth transition to clean cheap and reliable energy !

Planning to go solar? Get in touch with our solar experts to know how you can make the most out of your investment while making a positive impact on out planet.

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