Author: Asha Sridhar, The Hindu

On the day when everyone was speculating if the end of the world would come, Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School went solar. It joined the handful of schools in the city, and its immediate vicinity, which are employing this renewable resource.

R. V. Rajagopal, correspondent of the school, said they had used 27 units in close to two days. “There are 10 panels in the main building and 24 panels in the high and higher secondary building,” he said.

K.R. Harinarayan, founder-CEO, U- Solar, said that:It is an eight-kilowatt battery-based system, and can power up to 30 classrooms. It can supply regular power, and can also be used as a backup option,” he said, adding, “This system is ideal for schools also because the school should be able to channel the excess power generated, during weekends and holidays, to the local grid in the future.

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