Financial Models

Understanding solar financing.

Capex Financing


Estimate capacity and price of the solar power plant based on electricity consumption at your facility.


Engineer checks the rooftop, electrical room and HT yard for feasibility of project.


Once the terms are finalised the final proposal is submitted with a contractual agreement.


The project is completed and handed over to you, then the O&M contract kicks in.


We submit a proposal with cost, layout, savings and terms of the project execution.


• The organization must have good credit rating
• Strong financial strength for developer investment 
• Minimum solar power system size of 100 + kW
• Willing to sign long term contract of 20-25 years

No Upfront Investment Cost

Reduced Use of Fossil Fuels

PPA for 20 to 25 Years



If you run a large building facility which is a factory, hospital, hotel, school, college, corporate office, government office, chances are that you have considered rooftop solar PV to provide a part of your energy needs. After all, the benefits are compelling – lower power bills, lower generator usage, export of surplus power to the grid during holidays, clean energy credentials and attractive ROI in the long term. However, it is likely that the plan for solar PV has not been implemented because of the high initial capital cost.


No upfront high capital expenditure on the plant: The expenditure for the rooftop solar PV system will be beared by the EPC. You have the option to buy-out the plant if you want to.

Pay for the power consumed at competitive rates. You need to pay only for what you use. Just like you would your state electricity board. Sign a PPA for 15-25 years.

The system will reduce your dependence on expensive captive diesel power Enjoy lower bills, lower generator usage and reduce dependence on non-renewable resources

Maintenance and operation will be responsibility of the power plant builder. No need to worry about maintenance costs. Go solar without allocating large capital outlays

High Initial Investment with higher ROI compared to OPEX model, leads to short term liquidity challenges.No / Minimal Investment required–your money works on high ROI projects & the savings starts within 6 months of signing the agreement
O&M needs to be out sourced or a separate team has to be trained to manage and operate the system which is time & effort consuming.Experts handles O&M their by reducing the risk & increasing performance of the plant.
In case of system failure, the components replacement and warranty claims has to be managed by the client / or by O&M team outsourced by client.In case of system failure, the components replacement and repair is taken care by the investor during warranty and post warranty period till the PPA tenure.
In OPEX, customer needs to sing a long term agreement& legal risk involved if any changes required out of contract terms.Any changes required on the existing solar plant can be handled with fewer hassles.
Risk of solar plant under-performance is
borne by customer.
Risk of solar plant under performance is borne by the investors.
Customer can avail depreciation tax benefits of 40% of capital cost spread across 3 years.Tax benefits depends of the developer investor to avail as they own the asset.

Note : Get in touch with us for solar installations at zero investment and use clean energy generated at site that is cheaper than the grid.

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