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So far in India, the increase in solar capacity has focused strongly on utility-scale solar power plants- but if we are to meet our goals it is pertinent that we (both energy consumers and solar developers alike) focus on rooftop solar power plants.

In an exclusive article on Energetica India-Power Generation Magazine, published on 7th February 2020, Mr. K.R Harynarayan speaks about the Emerging Models of Solar Plant Adoption to Customers in the Industrial and Residential Sectors.

According to Mr. K.R. Harinarayan, Founder and CEO, U-Solar Clean Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd:At U-Solar Clean Energy we serve all energy consumers, we believe that for renewable energy transition to occur every roof must be explored for captive power consumption. Essentially, your roof is valuable space through with you can generate your own electricity- be it for the residential or industrial space.” Further, he adds ” Industrial energy consumers that have large factory spaces are bound to use huge quantities of power; moreover, these facilities have space where captive rooftop solar power or other captive generation based solar power plants can be constructed. As a developer U-Solar’s approach is to assess this electricity consumption, then we analyze the structural integrity of the roof and the shadow-free roof-space that can have the best generation for an X kW solar power plant to be installed; in case this does not provide sufficient value to the energy consumer other spaces within the campus can be explored for an on-site solar power plant.

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