Sukhbir Agro began its journey in the rice processing space with the inception of a rice mill in 1971. Ever since its inception, As an integrated and diversified agro-energy company, it has successfully forayed into procurement, processing, refining, warehousing, and distribution of rice, rice by-products, solvent extraction, and renewable energy solutions.

Sukhbir agro

Agriculture is one such sector, which can benefit hugely due to the adoption of solar energy. Solar Power can be used for irrigation, water pumping systems, farm lighting and cold storage, and so on. Apart from solar equipment makers, rising diesel cost and awareness for solar power has made the agro-industry to switch to solar power and avail the benefits.  

A growing number of farms and agricultural businesses are looking for solar to power their daily operations. Adopting solar for agro-industry benefits the environment as solar pumps help in curbing pollution that is caused by burning diesel and provide reliable irrigation to farmers. SAEL is committed to its contribution towards meeting the Sustainable Development and adopted solar in the year 2017.

Sukhbir Agro installed a 5000 KW capacity rooftop solar power plant at Nagamangala, Karnataka using 17400 PV modules by Canadian Solar. 5 no’s of 1 MW ABB centralised inverters complete the technical setup for the solar power plant. The company has opted Capex model and the solar power plant was commissioned on 5th June 2017. U-Solar undertook the EPC work for Sukhbir Agro and installed a 5 MW Solar Plant in their premises.

Sukhbir Agro Environment savings

The solar power plant generation is approximately 72, 00,000 units per annum offsetting the facility’s total energy consumption. The solar power plant installation has resulted in a reduction of CO2 footprint and offsetting their electricity bills.

India is an agriculture-based country. The agricultural sector provides a livelihood to over 50% of India’s population. With continuously rising global temperature, it is vital for each and every sector to concentrate on the number of greenhouse gases they emit and the amount of fossil fuels they consume.


If your organization is looking to adopt solar, please feel free to get in touch with us. We believe in partnering with our clients on their sustainability journey.

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