Grid-tied Solar PV

Use solar to meet your daytime energy needs, reduce your energy bills and diesel generator usage. Let your rooftops make money while it generates clean energy.

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Making Solar power more Affordable

Non-Capex PPA Model Solar photovoltaic illustration

Solar Power Purchase

The Non-CapEx financial model for large enterprises helps you set up a rooftop Solar power plant while having to pay only for the power consumed - Just as you would pay for power consumed from your state Electricity Board.

Net Metering Model Solar photovoltaic illustration

Net Metering

Excess solar power generated from your rooftop can be exported to the EB grid based on the states’ solar policy. Net metering gives renewable energy customers fair credit in their utility bills for the excess clean power they contribute.


Battery-based Solar PV

Store your solar power in batteries as backup for power cuts or choose to have a major portion of your energy needs from solar.

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Custom Mounting Structures

Custom Mouting Structures

Our Customized mounting structures are designed to maximize
solar power generation from different kinds of rooftops such as
pre-engineered sheets, sloped roofs, flat roofs etc.,

Other Solar photovoltaic Offerings

Non-Capex PPA Model Solar photovoltaic illustration

Solar Street Lights

Energy efficient, solar powered street lights can be the first step towards energy sustainability. Chose between a standalone autonomous system or a centralised street lighting system for your entire campus.

Solar water pumps abstract vector image

Solar Water Pumps

Solar water pumps are best suited for areas with erratic power supply or no grid power for pumping water for irrigation. They can also used by residences in remote areas to meet their daily water requirements.


Energy Consulting

LED lighting solutions, energy efficient practices and strategies━ the whole 9 yards. We’ll make sure you never miss out on conserving energy again.

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About us

U-Solar is all about providing a comprehensive solar photovoltaic solution for all kinds of rooftops. We have energized several domestic and commercial customers with Solar power as well as reduced their energy consumption significantly. We are motivated to find technologically advanced and financially viable solutions to enable institutions and individuals to shift to “clean energy” sources.

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