My Solar Plan
510kWp Onsite PPA at MNC Factory
Generates 9 lakh units (kWh) per year
Saves 720 tonnes of CO2
No  CAPEX, only clean power!
700kWp Onsite PPA at IT Park
Generates 11lakh units (kWh) per year
Saves 1,365 tonnes of CO2
PAY AS YOU GO, only clean power!
200 kWp Own & Operate Power Plant at B-School Campus
Generates 3 lakh units per year, saves 360 tonnes of CO2
Clean Energy + 3 year  payback = Clean Profits!
EPC for leading Solar Developer at manufacturing facility plant
1MW plant, 3125 solar panels, 45 days
Excellent EPC Services for Solar Developers

U-Solar Clean Energy Solutions is a leading provider of solar power solutions, serving industrial, institutional and commercial clients.  U-Solar provides end to end services to plan, design, construct and maintain Solar power plants, as well as to supply solar power to large power consumers without CAPEX investment. The company has set up power plants for customers and developers across India, and is affiliated to the MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India).



If you are a large consumer of electric power, i.e. an industrial, commercial, institutional
or other type of corporate electricity consumer, then solar energy is a must for you! Here’s why:


Economic Benefits

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What can be more compelling than generating electric power from sunlight, which is freely, abundantly available in most parts of the country, round the year, for several hours each day? Indeed, the greatest advantage of solar energy is that the raw material is free, clean and virtually in infinite supply. The greatest obstacle to generating electrical energy from the sun used to be the high capital cost of the equipment. However, with the steady reduction of prices in components of solar power plants such as solar panels and inverters, with the steady improvement in their efficiency and performance, solar power has now attained grid parity, i.e. it is as cost competitive as power available from the conventional grid (electric distribution company , DISCOM or ESCOM) in most countries, including India. Also, India is ranked first in the world in terms  of solar electricity production per watt installed, with an isolation of 1700 to 1900 kilowatt hours per kilowatt peak (kWh/KWp) (source: Wikipedia). Furthermore, the development in recent years of an enabling marketing eco-system has made available, various attractive options for corporate investors with and without capital investment. At U-Solar, we help our customers to plan for maximum return on investment from solar power generation, considering relevant factors and available options, within the prevailing constraints. We strongly believe that the decision to go solar must be based on a firm, well research business case.


Environmental Benefits

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With the looming threats of global warming, environmental pollution and their adverse effect on all aspects of human activity and well-being, it is imperative that corporate organizations also derive a larger proportion of their energy needs from clean and renewable sources. Solar energy ranks as one of the most reliable, easy to implement, safe and clean sources of electrical power.  Solar power generation produces no waste, no sound, no radiation, no vibration, no byproduct, and also negligible equipment waste, since it involves no machinery with heavy moving parts. Each unit of power produced by solar energy, especially if it is consumed at the same location, would replace a unit of non-renewable energy consumed. This could be equivalent to as much as two units of non-renewable energy produced, since transmission losses account for as much as 50% of power generated. If the non-renewable power comes from a coal-fired thermal power plant, then the environmental impact of replacing this power source with solar power can be imagined – from mining of coal, which may result in deforestation,  to construction and maintenance of the thermal power plant, to the burning of coal, the resulting pollutants and heat, to the distribution losses in power transmission. At a conservative estimate, each unit of solar power generated in India saves about 1 kg of carbon dioxide equivalent. U-Solar helps customers to explore, plan and quantify the environmental benefits which would accrue from going solar.


Favorable Policy

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The central and state governments in India have extended strong support for the growth of solar power generation in India, through direct government purchase tenders, policy, regulation, awareness creation in the corporate sector, and by setting up an aggressive target to grow to 100 GWp of installed solar power generation capacity by 2022 (as of 30-Sep-2016, this figure stood at 8.63 GWp, after capacity was roughly doubled since the previous year).  India was the first country to set up a dedicated ministry in for new and renewable energy (MNRE) in the union government. The MNRE extends a number of incentives for solar power, including: Accelerated Depreciation of upto 40%, Capital Subsidies for rooftop solar power plants, up to 500 kW, Renewable Energy Certificates: Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) tradeable in a marketplace, Net Metering and Gross Metering agreements, and Assured Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) (source: Wikipedia). U-Solar is empanelled with MNRE for multiple schemes, and will ensure that customers derive maximum benefits within the framework of prevailing government policy.


Reliable Technology and Delivery

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Most solar power plants installed for commercial, industrial and institutional customers are integrated with conventional power supply, i.e. they are grid tie system. To maximize power generation and also achieve a safe, efficient, well executed and aesthetically pleasing installation, it is critical that the design of the system, the components used, and the execution of the installation project are all of the high quality. U-Solar provides customers with the highest quality of services including planning, simulation, power plant design, procurement of the best panels, inverters, mounting structures, electrical cables and components, and flawless project management and installation services, besides ongoing operations and management services after installation. U-Solar is brand agnostic when it comes to component products, and sources the best suited products for a given project. Therefore, any large commercial or institutional power consumer planning to adopt solar energy now, can access the best technology, expertise and services from U-Solar.


Enabling Market Eco-system

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As mentioned above, generating electrical energy from sunlight is a compelling idea indeed – the only obstacle to actually generating power from a freely available resource has been, so far, the large CAPEX (capital expenditure) outlay for the project. Over the last few years, due to the growth in the industry and favorable government policy, there are financial solutions addressing, and even obviating the need for high CAPEX. U-Solar has helped large power consumer organizations who also have a robust credit rating, to install power plants with zero CAPEX, by merely leasing out their rooftop or grounds space, and still obtaining clean energy at OPEX (operating expense) rates lower than the prevalent conventional grid rates! More information on our offerings for non-CAPEX purchase is available here. For CAPEX options (captive power plants set up by a commercial or institutional customer under Own & Operate model) also, financing options are now more easily available than in the recent past.