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Installed  rooftop system size of 247.5kW at the apartment Purva Venezia using 5 building blocks for common electricity loads.

U-Solar continues its work with Residential clients and has successfully installed another solar plant at an apartment complex Purva Venezia, Bengaluru. This massive multistory building located in Yelahanka New town has installed a rooftop solar plant with a capacity of 247.6 kWp that was commissioned by U-Solar on the 16th of September 2021. The plant is set to power more than 5 building blocks of the apartment. It is installed on a 13540 sq. ft area and is anticipated to generate 346640 units per year.

The detailed execution in the structural elements like hot-dip galvanized modules for mounting have been utilized for its high durability and protection against unwanted corrosion when gouged. With the selection of monocrystalline solar panels at this site, there has been an optimized utilization of space, as the rooftop space in apartments is limited. The inverters have module-level optimization, MPPTs and will provide reliable power output for the lifetime of this project. 

The generation of the plant sets 336.7 tonnes of carbon set off per year along with sequestration of 1985 trees per year for the lifetime of the plant. These numerical manifest the right cluster of sustained environmental and economic savings of adopting solar for residential purposes with a breakeven of 4 years.

Mr.Ravichandar, a representative and resident of Purva Venezia shares his inputs on the entire project process experience and execution “When we started shortlisting firms with experience and expertise that do solar we found U-Solar and being Bengaluru based added advantage for us. It is not only cost-saving and energy-saving measures but also giving back to the environment along with easing the demand on the electricity grid itself for both social and commercial obligations that made us adopt solar solutions. The execution process was great with my monitoring being done twice a day and was quite happy with that. 

Involving youth for spreading awareness was also done with help of Mr.Harinarayan adding  benefits in itself as the overall experience with U-Solar being very good with no grouse on it Mr. Kr Harinarayan, the Founder and Managing Director at U-Solar quote that “For apartments, solar power makes a lot of economic sense to power their common area facilities. Purva Venezia had a lot of roof space that was largely not utilized. By putting solar panels on their unutilized spaces on their roof they were able to not only save energy costs but also achieve some degree of cooling for their top floor apartments. The return on investment for Purva is about 4 years or a return of nearly 25% on their investment. This would be a far better way to utilize any fixed deposits that an Association may be holding which yield in the range of 5 – 6%. Along with power and cost savings, the solar plant has also helped Purva residents showcase their green and sustainability credentials and we at U-Solar, are very excited in helping them achieve these objectives.”

The entire operation of an efficient working solar plant takes a scope of time and work as Mr. Sanjeev Jha, Head of Operations at U-Solar quotes           “ U-Solar with more than a decade of experience & a pioneer in the Rooftop Solar segments for Apartments and Residentials has come forward to optimally design and provide maximum benefit through solar and reducing the electricity bills drastically. The economies of scale on both ends for using solar power generation in residence of more than 5 buildings are well balanced. Usage of optimized technology at module level increases the efficiency for meeting clientele requirements at the best. With the in-house expert design and execution team, U-Solar ensures the maximum area coverage and generation using the latest technology. We look forward to helping more and more apartments power with solar energy in Bengaluru city”. 

Sharing some insights on proposed future installation and development in the project Ms. Dhwani Sunku, Manager Sales and Marketing at U-Solar quotes “ Solar for apartments makes so much sense since the rooftops are not utilized in most cases, moreover, the entire community comes together to create a cleaner space! We at U-Solar look for sharpening our consultancy for apartments looking to implement a rooftop system in order to not only ensure expansion in our existing projects but also support the energy transition within these growing sustainable communities while ensuring the quality remains adulatory.” 

Metropolitan cities like Bengaluru are now longing for adopting solar solutions. We see many benefits in installing solar plants at apartments, through their reduction in bills & environmental savings. In the end, the youth at the apartments get involved in sustainability early. 

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