U-Solar works with organizations and professionals across India, who have expertise in energy, building and facility design, construction and operations. In an effort to help customers harness clean energy and reduce operating costs, we welcome the opportunity to work with experts across specializations, including

  • Architects
  • PMCs
  • Green Certification Consultants
  • MEP Consultants
  • Electrical Consultants
  • Energy Consultants
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Developers
  • Construction Contractors
  • CSR departments and corporate green clubs

The consumption and saving of energy, as well as the harnessing of renewable energy, are important considerations for all facilities, especially those which aspire for green building certification. In India, solar energy forms a highly viable and attractive option for most buildings, in most locations across the country, and throughout the year.

However, as investment in solar energy is for the long term, it is critical that good design, high product quality, efficient implementation and overall cost-effectiveness are achieved in any project of solar power systems for green buildings. As a brand agnostic, expert consultant and turnkey implementer, U-Solar is therefore an ideal partner for green building experts to work with, to educate their customers, to propose and design the correct solution, to deliver, install and support the system, with no hassles for the green building expert.

Benefits of Solar Energy Solution from U-Solar

To Customer

  • Higher power availability
  • Zero running cost
  • Payback within 3 to 5 years
  • Can fulfill RPO
  • Can sell RECs
  • Reduced dependence on discom
  • Reduced exposure to increasing power cost
  • No pollution from diesel fumes
  • No maintenance of DG
  • Can utilize roof space
  • Strengthen CSR credentials

To Green Expert

  • More complete green design
  • Contribution to Customer’s bottom-line
  • More green certification points
  • Customer benefits are felt tangibly, year after year
  • Enrichment of Portfolio
  • Reseller commission, if purchased and sold to Customer
  • Hassle-free, total solution from U-Solar including
  • Customer education
  • Feasibility, sizing, estimation
  • Supply and implementation
  • Liaison for government subsidy
  • Ongoing support

Call us to collaborate with U-Solar, to provide the correct solar power system to your Customers.

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