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Energy is a recurring expenditure that can constitute a significant expense for many enterprises. With rising energy costs and shortages of electricity, it is imperative that companies look to becoming more efficient in their use of energy. Additionally, improving sustainability and increasing the mix of renewable energy are now mandated by several companies with global operations. Governments are also making it mandatory for companies to become greener and reduce their carbon foot-print.

With major corporations around the world setting up global offices in emerging economies like India and China, where social and national pressure mounting towards rapid economic growth with environmentally responsible business is highly sought, it is not surprising that the ‘Green’ importance of business is being taken very seriously. A fairly large proportion of global revenues being generated in the emerging markets have ensured that environmental consideration (of which energy is an important component) at an organizational level is closely aligned to the business strategy.

Clean Energy makes Business Sense

At U-Solar, we define the practice of improving energy efficiency through innovation and introducing renewable energy wherever possible as “Clean Energy”. Inculcating efficient energy management practices or revisiting internal systems across the enterprise often leads to reduction in costs, new revenue streams and even resulting in innovative business models. The clear brand advantage with customers, investors and employees is over and above the long term benefits an organization will reap with sustainable business practices.

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