My Solar Plan

About Us

U-Solar Clean Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd is a leading provider of solar power solutions serving industrial, institutional and commercial clients.  U-Solar provides EPC services whereby we design, engineer, construct and maintain high quality solar power plants. Additionally, we provide RESCO (Renewable Energy Services Company) services where the Customer only pays for the solar power generated and the investment in the solar plant is made by a developer.


Our Strengths

Our differentiating strengths include a strong understanding of business, technical, policy and economic aspects of solar power generation, to help Customers choose and get the best solution for their requirements. Additionally, we have strong turnkey execution capabilities to set up solar power plants of any size across India.


U-Solar began operations in 2010 focusing on providing battery-based and small grid-tie Solar PV systems to residences and small commercial Customers. With the steady growth of solar energy adoption in India due to improvements in technology, reduction in costs, favorable government policy, development of financial eco-system and increase in Customer awareness, U-Solar has grown to become a provider of solutions for industries and large institutions.



The company was founded by K.R.Harinarayan who has previously worked for MPPL Renewable Energy, Bangalore. Earlier, he was a Solution Strategist at i2 Technologies, a leading Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution provider. Harinarayan has a B.Tech from IIT Madras (IIT-M) and an MS and MBA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA.